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How It Works

We offer a funding alternative to a bank loan

Instead of getting a loan, we will buy your future credit card receivables, at a reasonable discount and provide you with up to $150,000 cash today. We will then recoup your obligation by automatically taking a fixed-percentage of your sales from your credit card processor, as your business earns it. This means you will not be obligated to pay us directly, according to a fixed schedule, like you would probably be if you had a bank loan. Currently we offer funds in exchange for Visa and Mastercard receivables.

Advantages of a merchant cash advance over a loan

  • No costs and very little time and effort required to apply. We do not need to pour over your financial records because we are not assessing your credit-worthiness like a bank does when it considers you for a loan.
  • No fixed payment schedule to keep you up at night.
  • Very fast approvals, we are usually able to turn around applications within a few business days.
  • No credit check and very high approval rate.
  • Speed - unlike loans we are able to get the cash to you fast so you can quickly take advantage of business growth opportunities.
  • You can do whatever you want with the money - we do not concern ourselves with your money once we have given it to you.

Are you currently accepting payments using credit or debit cards at your business? If so, we can probably help you find the money you need fast. Apply Now!

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