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7 Reasons Your Business May Not Qualify For a Loan in Canada

Did you recently receive a loan rejection letter?  In today’s tight Canadian credit market, there are many reasons why your application may have been rejected, as lenders become stricter about their criteria. ... Read more »

The Canadian Small Business Financing Program

With... Read more »

Options For Medical Office Building Loans in Canada

... Read more »

Finding Restaurant Financing and Capital in Canada

Restaurant Financing and Capital ... Read more »

PayNet Study Shows Small Business Lending Fell in April

... Read more »

4 Options for Franchise Financing in Canada

Franchise Financing ... Read more »

What is Purchase Order Funding?

Purchase Order Funding can be a useful service to use for your short term funding needs It is critical to keeping your business moving to get enough money ready to pay off suppliers. This is because a business must be able to handle the maximum amount of orders from customers who want to purchase things from that... Read more »

Finding Funding For Buying/Renovating A Medical Office Building

If you're a doctor, you may be considering a medical office building loan. However, most doctors are surprised not only by how arduous the loan process is, but the length of time required for the loan to close. There are also many forces that can affect a doctor's ability to be approved for a loan. In this article, I'll... Read more »

Tips for Marketing Your Restaurant

Tips for Marketing Your Restaurant One of the toughest parts of running a restaurant involves marketing the restaurant. There are so many different restaurants all over Canada that it can get to be a challenge to try and stand out from others. There are many things that can be done to make it easier to market... Read more »

How to Manage a Restaurant’s Finances

The cash flow that a restaurant has is something that might change on a regular basis. Sometimes a restaurant might be dealing with plenty of money while in other cases it can be harder to come by. Some restaurants in Canada are especially ones that get more business during certain seasons each year. Therefore, it will... Read more »

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